I’m second generation in a roofing company that is over 40 years old. For the most part we’ve always done retail roofing, meaning we don’t chase storms and cover an area roughly 75 miles from our home base. In the last 3 years we’ve started doing insurance jobs more often. They probably consist of 80% of our business now. At the beginning we would ask for and get insurance paperwork from the customer. We would just roll with whatever the adjuster and the insurance company said. We realized quickly that the insurance companies do not always have the policy holders’ best interest at heart. We needed help with our estimates and did not want to take the time to purchase and learn Xactimate. We tried a few companies. They promised to raise our claims 30% or more and then get paid based on how much they raise it over what the original insurance adjuster had figured. This formula is a recipe for bad behavior and dishonesty. Make no mistake, we want to get paid for everything we complete on a build however, we don’t want to get paid for made up fees or made up tasks. Totalscope has been one of the best partnerships we have. I mean that word “partnership”. They help us get our estimates right. They include all documentation, codes etc… to get us paid and take care of the policy holder. Sometimes it takes multiple revisions as we work with adjusters to get it right Drew Suttle and his team are patient and help us through these revisions. Every dime I spend with them is well worth it. I could not recommend anyone more highly.

- October 26, 2020

Beeler Roofing LLC


After attending a Total Scope seminar, we decided to use them to supplement our roof claims . . . best business decision we ever made!! Once we submitted our first claim, we were immediately contacted by one of their employees, John McKay, to see how he could help. He not only walked us through every step of the process, he even suggested ways we could add even more value to the claim.

The supplement reports they provide are very comprehensive, including not only the photographic evidence you provide, but also the corresponding code regulations for your specific area. In short, since using Total Scope we have been able to optimize every claim!

If you want to be paid what you deserve for the service you provide, Total Scope is the way to go!!!

HD Roofing & Construction


I’m a Proud owner of a roofing and remodeling company and total scope has been with me since my very first insurance claim . They are very knowledgeable and go the extra mile . I have and will continue to recommend them.

Awesome Al owner of Monumental Roofing Services

The TotalScope team provides outstanding support to the business and our customers. Their ability to identify opportunities and create precision estimation services has been a major win!

Jeremy Smith
Roofing Professional

Today I had my first adjustment experience with using The Virtual PA and it was with State Farm,  who we have been having lots of issues with lately on wind claims denying and writing for repairs on un-repairable or un-matchable roofs. We actually got an experienced upper level adjuster to come out instead of a ladder assist company. The State Farm adjuster complimented and thanked me for our TotalScope estimate and said he had only received one other similar estimate in the 21 years he had been adjusting.  It was a quick painless process with the adjuster who approved full replacement and had a full scope emailed to us 30 minutes after the adjustment. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with The Virtual PA.


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